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February 2023 - a bumpy start with a happy ending! Scrolled through hundreds of options trying to find “home” a place where the heart sits. Jana Mátlová is one of the most patient people I have ever met, willing to accommodate our needs even when it’s last minute requests and weekend house checks! We had no issues, all point got checked from A-Z, going through all the logistics and making sure everyone is satisfied.
Thank you for your patience, professionalism and willingness to negotiate and always trying to find a middle ground in negotiating.

Jawad Malki

Rodinný dům 5+1, Krumvíř - obrázek č. 1Rodinný dům 5+1, Krumvíř - obrázek č. 2Rodinný dům 5+1, Krumvíř - obrázek č. 3
Ing. Jana Mátlová
Ing. Jana Mátlová5 hvězd 5 hvězd 5 hvězd 5 hvězd 5 hvězd